GSDM Review the GSDM MSD and DSc Programs Offered to the Residents participating in the Post-doctoral Advanced Specialty Education Programs

Committee Members
# Cat/Dept Rank Name Role Start Date End Date
1 Molecular & Cell Biology Professor David E Levin, PhD (profile) Chair 08/05/2013
2 Bouhmadouche, Elizabeth Member 08/05/2013
3 Cheney, Wendy Member 08/05/2013
4 Endodontics Associate Professor Sami Chogle, DMD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
5 Periodontics Professor Serge Dibart, DMD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
6 Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials Associate Professor Russell Giordano, DMD, DMSc, CAGS (profile) Member 08/05/2013
7 Microbiology Professor Linda E. Hyman, PhD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
8 Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials Clinical Professor John Ictech-Cassis, DMD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
9 Morgano, Steven Member 08/05/2013
10 Salama, Andrew Member 08/05/2013
11 Health Policy & Health Services Research Clinical Associate Professor Catherine Frankl Sarkis, JD, MBA (profile) Member 08/05/2013
12 Biochemistry Associate Professor Barbara M. Schreiber, PhD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
13 Health Policy & Health Services Research Adjunct Associate Professor Woosung Sohn, DDS, DrPH (profile) Member 08/05/2013
14 Emeritus Professor Philip C. Trackman, PhD (profile) Member 08/05/2013
15 Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Professor Leslie Anne Will Kuo, DMD (profile) Member 08/05/2013