BUSM 4th Year Add / Drop
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Add/Drop/Move The following electives are available for electronic Add/Drop/Move. Please note: 204.3 OB/GYN Bootcamp: Preparing for Internship is available Block 19 only. The remaining electives and required courses must use the paper form for adding and dropping.
Paper add drop form
Acute Psychiatry in Managed Care
Addiction Psychiatry
Adolescent Psychiatry
Advanced Outpatient Psychiatry
Breastfeeding Medicine
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Cardiovascular Research
Clinical Cardiology
Clinical Management of the Neurosurgical Patient
Correctional Health
Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Inpatient General Neurology
Inpatient Stroke Neurology
Neurology Research
OB/GYN Bootcamp: Preparing for Internship
Outpatient Clinical Neurology: Epilepsy
Outpatient Clinical Neurology: Movement Disorders
Outpatient Clinical Neurology: Pain
Outpatient Clinical Neurology: Sleep 1
Pediatric Surgery
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Preparing Future Physician Educators: Learning How To Teach Clinical Interviewing Skills To First Year Students
Psychosomatic Medicine
Quality Improvement Elective I
Quality Improvement Elective II
Radiology Elective
Sexual Assault/Trauma Informed Care Elective
Sub I - Minimally Invasive Surgery
Substance Use Disorder in Pregnancy
Teaching in Anatomy
Transplant Surgery