About Student Study Space

  • The purpose of this site is to view the availability of rooms designated for student studying. Room availability is pulled from the scheduling system (25Live).
  • The site may look different depending on the screen size of the device being used (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc).
  • To improve performace we pull availability every 20 minutes (see "Caching" below).
  • To report an issue or make a suggestion, please use the “Contact” menu item.
There are 2 different types of student study space:
  • Group Study
    • Smaller rooms with a max capacity between 1 and 20
    • These rooms are for interactive discussion groups of three or more students
    • While these can be used by individuals, preference must be given to groups if they need to use the space
  • Individual Study
    • Larger rooms with a max capacity greater than 20
    • These rooms are for parallel quiet study by individuals up to the capacity of the room

Search page:
  • The search page will let you search by:
    • Building
    • Room Type (Group, Individual, or All)
    • Date
    • Time (move forward/back 2 hours using the inside arrows, or 4 hours using the outside arrows. Clicking the arrows will automatically refresh results)
  • Clicking the “search” button will return a list of rooms based on your search criteria, including room numbers and availability in 30 minute blocks over a 4 hour period.
  • Clicking on a room number will display a pop-up window with room features and details. Here you can also mark/unmark a room as one of your favorites, using the “thumbs up” icon next to the room number.

Favorites page:
  • The “Favorites” page is a convenient place to view the availability of your favorite rooms in multiple buildings.
  • Add a favorite room from the search page by clicking on the room number, and using the “thumbs up” icon on the subsequent room details.
  • Remove a favorite room by going to your favorites, clicking on the room number and de-selecting the “thumbs up” icon.
  • Favorites are saved using cookies, meaning they are saved on each device and browser separately. You won’t see the same favorites on multiple devices (unless you add them on each device).
  • At the bottom of the favorites page is an option to make either 'Search' or 'Favorites' your home page.

  • In order to make the site more responsive we are caching the availability data for each room.
  • We are only caching times within the next 24 hours, so searches beyond 24 hours from now could take significantly longer.
  • The availability for a room will be accurate unless the room has been booked since the last time the cache was updated (no more than 20 minutes ago).