Research To Practice

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth believes strongly in translational research. CAMY recognizes that reducing youth exposure to alcohol marketing will come about through strong collaborations between researchers and the public health community of practitioners who are working to make a difference around the core factors that shape the alcohol marketing landscape.

To contextualize the alcohol marketing landscape, we encourage people to look at it through lens of the Four P’s of Marketing.

Liquor Bottles

Read more about CAMY’s activities relevant to particular alcohol products.

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liquor store drive through area

Access resources and tools that explore limiting the physical availability of alcohol as an effective approach for reducing excessive alcohol use and related harms.

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Bus wrapped with an alcohol ad

Reports & examples about youth exposure to alcohol advertising and marketing, and research on the impact of this exposure on youth drinking and related consequences.

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cosmopolitan and cash on a bar

Resources about how changes in alcohol pricing affect alcohol-related harms, employment, and personal and government budgets.

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