Alcohol Pricing



  • Jernigan, D., Waters, H., Ross, C., Steward, A. The Potential Economic Effects of Alcohol Excise Tax Increases in Maryland. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2011.
    This study reviewed the literature on economics, including employment, effects of alcohol excise tax increases and the implications of that literature for Maryland. It also included a review of the cross-border effects literature. The study played a key role in the successful effort in Maryland to increase taxes on alcohol, the first tax increase in spirits since 1955, and the first tax increase on beer and wine since 1972.


  • Jernigan, D., Waters, H. The Potential Impact of Alcohol Tax Increases in Maryland. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2009.
    This study provided revenue and health impact estimates for raising Maryland’s alcohol tax to the national average, by a nickel a drink, and by a dime a drink. The study received extensive news coverage, including positive editorials in the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun. The tax did not pass in 2010 but was enacted in 2011.